The Re-Inventing Schools Coalition is a non-profit organization whose goal is to help 1000 districts and 1 million kids.

Whatever it takes.

Ensuring reaching the goals of our program in their full is very important if we want our schools to be modern and effective. Our organization will be soon start collaborating with Millionaire Blueprint to ensure that our work will be fast enough and effective.

RISC assists districts in reinventing their systems based on the comprehensive tools in the following components of the RISC Model:

  • Building Shared Vision
  • Developing Relevant Standards
  • Creating Aligned Assessment
  • Implementing Effective Instruction
  • Establishing Meaningful Reporting
  • Ensuring Sustainability

This Model incorporates best practices from research to develop systems of excellence, which meet the individual needs of students. District funding is tied to an on-going evaluation process based on progress along the ReInventing Schools continuum and focusing on continuous improvement.
“The Chugach School District won the 2001 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for creating a successful performance system using input from schools, communities, and businesses and allowing all students to meet with success and take ownership of their educational careers. RISC, in partnership with Chugach School District, employs the same award-winning processes.”

RISC Mission Statement

The Reinventing Schools Coalition is creating schools that meet the needs of all children, helping students to develop a passion for learning and to reach their full potential by facilitating educational systems to:


Develop a shared vision based on the needs of all stakeholders

Foster cultural diversity to improve systems

Implement a standards-based design that incorporates “best practices” (BOB)

Build a continuous improvement process which leads to excellence

Support school-to-life services including a variety of outcomes for all students

The Coalition will provide training in effective leadership to ensure reinvented schools will be systemic in their approach, replicable, and sustained over time.