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We welcome your partnership in making the RISC philosophy and framework of education available to all students, and invite you to get involved in the school-by-school, district-by-district reinvention of education around the world. Please follow the links below to learn more about bringing the RISC approach to your school, district, or educational system.

1. Learn about RISC

About RISC
The RISC Approach to Schooling
Delivering on the Promise: Our core book, strongly recommended as a first-read for everyone interested in RISC.

2. Use RISC Services

Link to our Services page to learn about the variety of workshops and training opportunities RISC staff members can lead for your school, district, or educational system.

Keynote About the RISC Framework & Philosophy
On-Site Needs Assessment Feedback
Training in Understanding the RISC Approach to Schooling
Facilitation of the Process of Developing a Shared Vision
Administrator Training
Educator Training
Personal Mastery Instructional Training
Assistance in Using Standards-Based Reporting Software
Guide Training

3. Attend RISC Events

RISC trainers are in the field all over the United States helping teachers, students and other stakeholders about the RISC model. You can click on the link below to see if there is a training happening near you.

Learn about upcoming events.

4. Contact RISC

Call us. Send an email. Or send a letter.

5. Support RISC with a Charitable Donation

The Re-Inventing Schools Coalition is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation. To make a donation to RISC, click here.

6. Visit RISC Coalition Member Sites

7. Volunteer

Volunteers can play an essential role in the operation of RISC. We are looking for smart, interested volunteers who want to lend a hand with blogging and web site maintenance, using social media and other tools to boost our online presence, fundraising, research assistance, newsletters, multimedia production, and networking and syndication. If you would like to volunteer with us, please complete the Volunteer Application, and email it along with your resumé to Laura Wright at