Learning Gets Personal

New York schools explain why they are personalizing learning using the RISC Model in the March 2011 District Administration, written by Susan McLester.

The elements of 21st-century learning are part of personalized learning, but added to these is the more revolutionary component of a competency-based, time variable model in which students progress at their own pace a skills are mastered, rather than advancing through grade levels with peers. The rise of personalized learning in districts across the nation can be attributed to a convergence of multiple circumstances, including technological advances, nearly ubiquitous digital content, the Obama administration’s support for school innovation, and the growing willingness of states to grant waivers for mandated “seat time” requirements and, in cases such as Alabama and Colorado, to eliminate those requirements altogether.

Education leaders and experts agree the current model of education in the country is incapable of meeting the personalized needs of students and that a systemic redesign—not just a tweaking—is needed.  Read more…