RISC in Maine Schools

RISC was featured in a February 5, 2010, article in Maine’s The Independent. In Moving from Tradition, SAD15 Pilots Standards-Based Learning, The Independent‘s Emily Parkhurst said:

There’s a new energy bouncing through the halls and classrooms in Gray and NewGloucester schools. Teachers and students are anxiously awaiting large-scale changes to the way students learn, from report cards, to lessons, to physical classrooms. Recently, the Maine Department of Education unveiled plans to move forward in standards-based education systems and began a partnership with the Re-inventing Schools Coalition (RISC). . . .

Last May, the district [Maine School Administrative District 15] applied to be considered as an implementation site of the new RISC program. In late June, the district found out it would be one of two implementation sites in Maine. As a result, teachers and students have attended training and the whole district has begun the process of transitioning from traditional reference-based education to standards-based education.