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View a recording of a recent webinar with Rick Schreiber of Re-Inventing Schools Coalition and Robert Marzano of Marzano Research outlining the basics of competency-based education and relating examples and experiences of schools who have implemented competency-based systems.

Rick Schreiber and Robert Marzano

Discover the benefits of allowing students to move through levels of content at their own pace, and learn practical strategies for making this system work. The presenters will address change management, scheduling, proficiency scales, assessment, report cards, and other topics related to implementing competency-based education.

What Is Competency – Based Education?

People might think that little ones cannot goal set, but students at AC Corcoran Elementary have proven that they can! Students as young as 4 are setting goals around academics as they master each standard in their curriculum. This great work is happening in Charleston County School District

Competency-Based Education refers to an education system where students are placed in developmentally appropriate levels, and receive instruction on the competencies required to move to the next level. Organizations define the number of levels required for graduation.

Instruction ranges from skills-based to real-life applications. Progress is based upon students’ demonstration of mastery on internal assessments…not seat time or the age/grade level of student.

At RISC, we use the term Personal Mastery System. This is a learner-centered educational approach that leads to each student mastering learning in a personalized manner to ensure students gain the academic and lifelong learning skills they need to be successful in the 21st century.

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Reinventing Schools has helped organizations shift the education paradigm for over 18 years. Our dedicated Education Specialists have successful, practical Competency-Based backgrounds and are ready to partner with your organization in realizing your unique vision of excellence. We offer signature trainings, customized workshops, classroom site visits with comprehensive coaching services, convenient virtual coaching, along with field visits and networking tools to connect our members who are ‘Reinventing Schools’ around the nation.

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Students at Highland Tech High in Anchorage Alaska off to classes.

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Designing Competency-Based Districts and Schools

Implementing Competency-Based Districts and Schools, and Classrooms

Evaluating and Refining Competency-Based Systems


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