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We transform K-12 education to produce dramatically improved learning environments and achievement results for all students.

We coach teachers, students, parents and community members to design and implement your unique Personal Mastery system–a Competency-Based education system.

We help shift the paradigm of education from a time-driven system to a competency-based framework where students own their learning and have a voice.

We all went to the cafeteria and we all got big ideas and put it on sticky notes and then we saw which ones were the most important. It was fun because WE got to decide what went on the Shared Vision, 3rd Grader, Hunley Park Elementary, Charleston, SC.

What Is Competency – Based Education?

Personal Mastery at Fuller Elementary School in Michigan

Personal Mastery in the hallways of Fuller Street Elementary, Maple Valley Schools, Michigan

Competency-Based Education refers to an education system where students are placed in developmentally appropriate levels, and receive instruction on the competencies required to move to the next level. Organizations define the number of levels required for graduation.

Instruction ranges from skills-based to real-life applications. Progress is based upon students’ demonstration of mastery on internal assessments…not seat time or the age/grade level of student.

At RISC, we use the term Personal Mastery System. This is a learner-centered educational approach that leads to each student mastering learning in a personalized manner to ensure students gain the academic and lifelong learning skills they need to be successful in the 21st century.

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We have the tools and processes to help all levels of your organization— from students to administrators to parents— our multiple services help schools and districts to create  competency-based education; what we call Personal Mastery systems.

We provide on-site training and support for your district, schools and classrooms. We offer distance services to support our on-site work.

The strength of this program is the way it is designed to meet each learners needs. It is a great model for what we want our teaching to look like. ~ Participant in Greg Johnson’s online course: Creating a Personal Mastery Classroom

Overall this was extremely helpful–it scares me to think what might have happened if I hadn’t attended. Participant, Building Competency-Based Systems Workshop – Denver, CO

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