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We transform K-12 education to produce dramatically improved learning environments and achievement results for all students.

We coach teachers, students, parents and community members to design and implement your unique Personal Mastery system–a Competency-Based education system.

We help shift the paradigm of education from a time-driven system to a competency-based framework where students own their learning and have a voice.

We all went to the cafeteria and we all got big ideas and put it on sticky notes and then we saw which ones were the most important. It was fun because WE got to decide what went on the Shared Vision, 3rd Grader, Hunley Park Elementary, Charleston, SC.

Implementing a Competency-Based High School System

imagesThis 2-day conference held July 13 and 14, 2015 in Denver, will clarify the pathway towards a competency-based system, discuss potential challenges to proactively plan for and facilitate discussions for problem solving and planning next steps. The first day will be, primarily, whole group discussions, facilitated by Dr. Robert Marzano and RISC staff. Day two will include small group, facilitated table talks and/or work sessions of choice. Topics of choice will include: competency-based recording and reporting strategies, scheduling, transcripts, eligibility, community engagement and more. These small-group work sessions will be facilitated by a combination of Marzano Research team, RISC staff and Coalition Leaders and lead toward participant develop of processes, procedures or policy revisions to support implementation at his/her site. Opportunities to build peer relationships will be an intentional part of all interactions. Discussions and interactions will focus upon the critical question: How might high schools successfully implement a standards-driven, competency-based educational system, built upon a foundation of shared leadership and a learner-centered culture, to improve the quality of today’s education?

Participants will leave the workshop knowing:

Who should attend?

RISC Coalition District and High School Leaders, Non-RISC District and High School leaders with a foundational understanding of, and experience with, competency-based systems.


Bob Marzano, CEO, Marzano Research
Doug Finn, Education Specialist, RISC Division- Marzano Research

Price: $400/attendee

Contact Sean Duncan, Business Development Manager, Marzano Research
303-766-9199 x334,


We have the tools and processes to help all levels of your organization— from students to administrators to parents— our multiple services help schools and districts to create  competency-based education; what we call Personal Mastery systems.

We provide on-site training and support for your district, schools and classrooms. We offer distance services to support our on-site work.

The strength of this program is the way it is designed to meet each learners needs. It is a great model for what we want our teaching to look like. ~ Participant in Greg Johnson’s online course: Creating a Personal Mastery Classroom

Overall this was extremely helpful–it scares me to think what might have happened if I hadn’t attended. Participant, Building Competency-Based Systems Workshop – Denver, CO

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Principal Position in California

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